introduce yourself

Stories humanize us. They help our audience understand who we are, where we’re coming from, and help them relate to us.

define your why

What drives you? What excites you? What differentiates you? Defining your “why?” is the key to telling your story.

engage your audience

If you’re not utilizing video in your content strategy, you’re not maximizing your engagement potential. Start with your story.

meet your goals

No matter your goals for yourself or your brand, video can and should be one of your primary tools for achieving those goals. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or the head of a non-profit, an established brand, or a new company,  it has never been easier to reach your audience. But that’s also true for everyone else. So, how can you stand out?

The answer is video.

Are you looking to…

  • Grow your audience or increase brand awareness?
  • Reposition yourself or differentiate yourself?
  • Introduce yourself?
  • Promote a new product of service offering?
  • Educate your clientele?
  • Meet specific fundraising goals?

You need to tell your story.

Here’s how I can help…


Discovery Call

Every story package begins with a discovery call. We’ll talk about you and your story, and most importantly drill down on your “why?”.


Once we have a production plan in place and set a date for shooting, I’ll bring all my gear, and skills as a filmmaker. You just need to bring yourself.

Reach Your Audience

When your film is finished, I will package the video in the various formats required by the different distribution platforms, and help you get it in front of your audience.