narrative work

Films I have written, directed, and edited have been fortunate enough to screen at some of the coolest film festivals in the world, in front of engaged, passionate, incredible audiences. Scroll down to view the films that are publicly available…

Scam Likely

This 6-minute short film, “Scam Likely,” was more or less made by accident. After a previously planned shoot fell through due to inclement weather, rather than pack it in, my team and I decided to pivot inside and improvise a short film around a simple premise: A man tries to mess with a scam caller, but quickly finds himself in over his head.

Scam Likely had its world premiere at Filmfort, and went on to screen at the Sun Valley Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival and Eastern Oregon Film Festival, among others.


Shot over the course of just a half a day, with a total cast and crew of two people, for the cost of a couple of gas station hot dogs, this little film went on to screen at Filmfort, and won the Spirit of Indie Filmmaking award at the Twin Falls SANDWICHES Film Festival.